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Recipe Contribution Guide

Texts of Taste welcomes recipe submissions! Our collection is focused on nineteenth-century American annotated recipes. We also accept submissions in the form of written stories and reflections on any aspect of nineteenth-century American cooking and food. We welcome any submissions which may fit our collection. 

In order to submit a new recipe, please visit our contribution page. Once you navigate to the page, you will see an option to select what form your contribution takes. For written stories, please select the “Story” option from the drop down menu and for recipe scans, please select the “Image” option. 

Images should be high resolution digital images of recipes. Any recipe submitted through our contribution page will be ingested into the larger collection and so we ask that images be of the highest quality possible to ensure that they render correctly on most screens. We also ask that contributors provide any known information about the recipe in the “Image Description” box as well as any personal information you would like to see posted on the item page. Any information provided in the “Image Description” box will be used to generate that recipe’s metadata, so we ask that you be as descriptive as possible. 

For story contributions, we ask that you provide a short title of your story and then upload your story either as a separate document or paste the text directly into the “Story Text” box. Any additional information you would like to see reflected in your story’s public page should be included in the “Story Text” box. 

For both image and story contributions, you may choose to have your contribution kept anonymous by selecting the “Keep Identity Private” checkbox. 

If you run into any issues with the contribution form, please contact a team member.