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Exhibit Submission Guide

Texts of Taste welcomes visitors to submit their own exhibits to the site! Generally, the project uses the exhibit space to host recipe recreations or analysis of any of the recipes and annotations in our collection. In order to submit a proposal for an exhibit, please contact a team member through our contact form

In your exhibit proposal, please briefly describe what you plan to write about and provide any relevant links to item pages. A team member will then reach out to you to guide you through the process. Generally, if you wish to submit an exhibit, below are some guidelines to keep in mind:

We encourage and warmly welcome recipe recreations! If you are interested in recreating a recipe from our collection and submitting your recreation as an exhibit, we ask that you take pictures of your final dish and offer some thoughts about the process. We also encourage you to suggest any modifications you would make in a future iteration of the dish or that you may have even made while preparing the dish. While some of our exhibits also feature video recordings of the cooking process, video is not required to submit a recipe recreation. 

We also welcome visitors to submit exhibits focused on a particular topic or dish. For instance, if you are a researcher interested in dessert recipes or in annotations that primarily make use of newspaper clippings, we encourage you to write your thoughts down and submit them as an exhibit! This type of exhibit may take the form of more scholarly writing or even journalistic writing. Although we encourage the use of secondary sources to supplement your writing, this is not required. 

We ask that final exhibit submissions be sent to site administrators as word documents with any images sent as separate attachments. We also ask that images have alternative text provided.