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Texts of Taste currently offers the ability to add annotations to item pages and to recipes which have been transcribed. The software that Texts of Taste uses, Hypothesis, currently does not support annotation of embedded PDFs, and so annotations will only be available on recipes, themselves, if the recipe has been transcribed. We currently accept and encourage visitors to transcribe recipes as they browse the collection. Transcription submissions are accepted through the item page, itself, and further instructions are available on our Transcription Guide page. 

In order to contribute an annotation to an item page, you must first register for an account through the annotation service we use, Hypothesis. Signing up for an account is a relatively straightforward process--you simply click the Hypothesis button located on the right-side bar of item pages and you will see a link at the top of the Hypothesis interface where you can choose to either login or sign up for a Hypothesis account.  

picture of the hypothesis toolbar

Once you sign up for a Hypothesis account, you will be able to contribute annotations and highlights to item pages. In order to annotate or highlight, all you need to do it highlight over the desired text using your mouse and a pop-up will appear offering you the option to either annotate or highlight. 

screenshot of the hypothesis login

If you choose the annotate option, a text box will appear in the Hypothesis interface on the right side of your screen. Using the text box, enter your annotation and any tags you wish to use in order to identify your annotations later. Annotations may take any form that you wish--commenting on the recipe, offering suggestions for modern preparations, or just general comments. We do ask that visitors use appropriate language when contributing annotations, and annotations found to be in violation of our community guidelines may be removed without notice. Tags may include subject tags such as “preserves,” “jams,” “desserts,” or may indicate some modifications you would make to the recipe such as “ingredient switch,” “cooking time,” etc. Try to keep tags limited to just a few words in order to make them most useful to other visitors. You also have the option of including images in your annotation if you wish to upload a picture of your own recipe recreation or any other relevant images. If you run into any issues with the annotation interface, please contact a team member.

screenshot of the annotation button

screenshot of the Hypothesis text box